pvc flexible geomembrane

  • The Geomembrane of Yekta Varag Company is produced as single-layer and multi-layer sheet. PVC geomembrane fabricated with Polyvinyl Chloride as the principle polymer, plasticizers, stabilizers, fillers, pigments and other ingredients. In comparison with other geomembranes, PVC geomembranes have high flexibility and maintain flexibility at low temperatures, large amount of elongation, good puncture resistance and relatively good tear resistance.

    The company’s produces geomembranes with thicknesses between 1 and 6 mm in accordance with its application in various industries.

    Benefits of Yekta Varagh PVC Geomembranes

    • The first manufacturer of PVC geomembrane with a width of 2 meters and according to the German ZTV standard in Iran
    •     Very flexible with application ability for irregular surfaces
    •     High strength against tear and puncture
    •     Easy weldability
    •     Large sheets, thus significantly reducing field-seaming needs

    Typical Applications:

    •     Tunnel
    •     Subway
    •     Buildings foundation
    •     Pondsand lakes
    •     Canals
    •     Reservoirs