Yekta Varagh Polymer Omid Yazd, having a skillful group of specialists, is ready to serve its customers by providing consultation and assistance in development of advanced technical solutions.

Our products meet international quality standards.If installed properly and according to the standards, they can be provided with installation warranties.Our company, by using the services of highly skilled professionals and providing installation warranties and advanced resources, relieves our customers’ of all concerns about the design, execution and installation phases.

As a part of the company’s Engineering Organizational Chart, our Installation Team serve and stand by their customers and consulting firms through all phases until the project is fully implemented.

The Tunnel Construction Industry

Major applications of geo-membrane PVC sheets include leak-proofing of tunnels within cities, railroad systems, underpasses, subway systems, etc.

Using the most advanced sheet production equipment, Yekta Varagh manufactures this product in many one-ply and two-ply forms.

Manufacturing Low Cost Pools

Soft insulating sheets are used in development projects and for insulation of agricultural pools.  Pools using this technology cost much less than those using traditional technologies.

This product is manufactured in both one-ply and two-ply forms.

Insulating Building Foundations

Our company is a manufacturer and installer of reinforced pvc sheets for insulating and leak proofing of building foundations following approved tests and standards. Usually, layers of pvc geo-membrane, textile, and if needed, geo-drain are used in these projects.

Industrial Freezers

Since soft transparent pvc is very resistant with respect to heat and light, it is an excellent choice for use in freezers and separators.

The Kia Pars Layeh Company uses the most advanced manufacturing machines for sheet production and manufactures these sheets with rarely-seen high quality.

Roof Garden

Roof Garden cover all or part of the top surface of a building with plants grown in a waterproof layer of soil.

Roof Garden , a part of vertical farming in megacities, enjoy a technological history which is more than 50 years old.  In spite of notable advantages of green roofs, most roof surfaces in Iran are still unused dead surfaces.